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Snow Leopard.... on an architecture thought to be discontinued by Apple.

In 2008, Apple, inc. was getting ready to release its next release of what is now known as macOS. The company was rather tight lipped as to if the PowerPC architecture was to be kept up to date with the then latest release or not. In 2009 those who had bought the latest PowerMac at the time four years earlier were left in the cold, as the next release known as Snow Leopard would be Intel only.

Little did we know, Snow Leopard would in fact see PowerPC builds early on in development. In 2020, a group on MacRumors began hacking away at builds 10a96 (Server) and 10a190 (Client) of Snow Leopard, bringing the impossible OS to our PowerPC machines. A fellow YouTuber known as Action Retro fittingly dubbed it "Impossible Cat", given that it dropped PowerPC upon the release of the final build, 10a432.

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